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Welcome to Slow Diary Studio as you explore my portfolio and the stories behind each image, I hope you'll be inspired, intrigued, and moved. Whether you're a fellow photography enthusiast, a brand seeking visual brilliance, or simply someone who appreciates the art of storytelling, Slow Diary Studio has something special in store for you

I'm Safaa, a creative soul with a profound appreciation for the power of imagery. My journey has taken me through the world of prestige beauty, where I've had the privilege of closely working with luxury brands. This experience has ingrained in me a deep understanding of the pivotal role that branding and visual aesthetics play in making a lasting impression.

Having called vibrant cities like Dubai and Tokyo my home, I've come to realize that every corner of the world has a unique beauty waiting to be captured. My love for travel not only fuels my creativity but also reminds me of the importance of authenticity and uniqueness in every frame.

My experiences have led me to photograph an array of subjects, from iconic brands and products to luxurious hotels and restaurants, to the intimate moments of family and maternity.

Slow Diary Studio is where stories come to life, one frame at a time. It's a place where I fuse my passion for visual storytelling with my love for diverse cultures.

My journey into photography began with a fascination for the subtle beauty of everyday life. Whether it's the soft morning light filtering through a dew-kissed flower or the candid smile of a child at play, I strive to capture the moments that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced world.

Explore my portfolio, immerse yourself in the stories I've captured, and let's connect to see how we can work together.

Warm Regards,


Slow Diary Studio


Let's embark on a creative journey

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